supernap italia

Southern Europe’s Most Advanced Data Center

SUPERNAP International data centers are designed and built to the advanced standards of the industry-renowned, Tier IV Gold-rated Switch LAS VEGAS multi-tenant/colocation data centers. These facilities are based on more than 500 patent and patent-pending claims developed by Switch Founder and CEO Rob Roy that revolutionized the data center industry.

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At A Glance

  • Up to 42,000 square meters of data center space with four data halls
  • Up to 40 MW of power
  • Proprietary tri-redundant UPS power system
  • Up to 40 kW of power per cabinet
  • Multi-carrier connectivity with 200 fiber couples on redundant fiber paths to Caldera Campus
  • Blended IP connectivity with DDoS scrubbing
  • Patented Switch SHIELD: dual independent steel roof decks rated to withstand 322 km/h winds
  • No raised flooring
  • 24/7 in-house, on-site network operations center (NOC) and security
  • Remote Hands & Eyes for emergency interventions
  • Member resources including break area and conference spaces
  • Access to the SUPERNAP Multi Cloud Connect with direct connection to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle and more