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With the SUPERNAP Multi Cloud Connect, clients can directly access a vast array of service and solution providers, enabling the development of their technology solutions in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. The SUPERNAP Multi Cloud Connect offers a direct connection to the following major cloud providers, as well as 20 other national and global providers:

This solution allows clients to reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput and provide end users with a higher-performing service compared to an Internet connection.


  • Reduced transfer costs compared to the Internet
  • Secure connection and defined latency with better end-to-end control
  • Direct connection to the CSP from SUPERNAP without installing any added hardware
  • Connection speeds from 100Mb up to 10Gb
  • Create burstable and protected solutions to satisfy every need
  • Optimize latency and sensitive traffic
  • SLA & 24/7 support


Southern Europe’s Most Advanced Data Center SUPERNAP Italia
20090 Assago (MI) Italy