MIX 3rd Party Press Release

MIX, the Milan Internet Exchange, announced today it has installed its point-of-presence in the SUPERNAP Italia data center, which is already fully operational and to which the first connections for MIX-related operators are ready. The now fully-implemented agreement provides for the provision of MIX peering services within the new SUPERNAP Italia data center just outside of Milan in Siziano (PV) and interconnection with the MIX Hub atMilano Caldera, made in complete transparency through a ring of separate paths on dedicated fibers.

With this initiative, MIX proves its determination to increase network interconnection – and Internet as a whole –in Italy, reducing the gap between the large hubs of Northern Europe like Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt thanks to the development in the Milan area of neutral, highly reliable plural points of presence. From this perspective, the entry in the market of a significant operator such as SUPERNAP, known for its technological excellence and international relevance in the creation and management of data centers, is a strong message of the change-of-pace that MIX and Milan are demonstrating, positioning the city as a strategic hub for digital infrastructure in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

“Until now, the Italian Internet ecosystem has been highly dependent on the Caldera complex in Milan, where, both for historic and convenience reasons, the large majority of the operators of the Internet value chain are concentrated,” explained Joy Marino, President of MIX. “MIX has welcomed the start of SUPERNAP Italia with enthusiasm because it is a fundamental step towards establishing, at last, a mature ecosystem inItaly, one with several focal points and aimed at reaching the reliability and resilience that the ubiquitousInternet demands nowadays, in all aspects of our social and economic life.” Marino continued, “With its role of facilitator and catalyst, MIX obviously must be present, but on the other hand, for us it is important to invest in those new data center sites that show the best opportunities of success: besides a huge investment, plenty of fiber interconnections and a very high quality data center infrastructure, we value the principle of the neutrality among all telecom carriers as essential. This is the winning combination for establishing a virtuous circle that creates confidence in the initiative, attracts access operators, guarantees an open market of services, attracts content providers and OTTs, and so on and so forth.”

“In order to launch a state-of-the-art, carrier-neutral data center in an area like Siziano, a partnership with the renowned internet exchange MIX is critical as we develop our ecosystem,” said Luca Beltramino, ManagingDirector of SUPERNAP Italia. “Collaborations like that of MIX and SUPERNAP Italia will prove elemental to the growth of SUPERNAP around the world. Such partnerships offer SUPERNAP customers a wealth of choices and reliability and, at the same time, foster new partnerships for providers to introduce additional points of presence outside of the traditional local exchange.”

Located in the western area of Milan and born to be the central focal point in the area with the highest concentration of data networks and Internet, MIX today is evolving into a cloud of interconnected points-of-presence, each of which can communicate transparently and reliably, without restrictions or bottlenecks, with several other points, exchanging Internet “peering” traffic. Furthermore, there are neither structural nor strategic constraints, as the MIX infrastructure has the potential to reach traffic volumes greater than the amount of traffic exchanged now (0.5 Terabits per second), and is completely neutral and equidistant to all operators of the Internet chain, be they service-, content- or access-providers, carriers or data center operators.

The SUPERNAP Italia data center, the largest and most advanced in Southern Europe, enables high density colocation up to 40 kilowatts per rack, with up to 40 megawatts of overall capacity and 42,000 square meters at full build-out. It is equipped with proprietary technologies based on more than 260 patent and patent pending claims developed by Switch’s Founder and CEO Rob Roy that revolutionized the data center industry, including 100% Hot Aisle Containment Rows, Multi-system Exterior Wall-penetrating HVAC units, Uninterruptable Tri-redundant Power Systems and more.

MIX and SUPERNAP Italia are also a founding members of Open Hub Med, developed to create a neutral, freezone for the internet and data exchange among Mediterranean Basin countries. Through this critical partnership, MIX and SUPERNAP Italia will play a key role in accelerating opportunities for companies in expanding their information technology footprint throughout EMEA.

About MIX
MIX, located in the Caldera Campus in Milan, is the main interchange point (IXP) of Italian Internet networks and among the first in Europe in terms of traffic congestion. It offers interconnection services to Italian and foreign Internet operators, through high performance switching platforms and within its own data room infrastructure with maximum physical and logical security, ensuring high quality, scalability and robustness. It is one of the few in Europe with its own data center, with peak daily traffic rates of over 445 Gbps.

MIX is the first Italian IXP that exceeds the strict ISO27001: 2013 certification, a standard that covers all aspects of plant security and IT processes and OIX-A certification of Open-IX (released to only two IXPs in Europe and10 in the world), thus confirming the level of excellence in terms of security and reliability of the services of the main IXP in Italy.

MIX is one of the founding partners of Open HUB MED, the first neutral HUB in Italy for the interconnection of theMediterranean basin networks to Northern Europe.

About SUPERNAP International
SUPERNAP International is a partnership between Switch, Ltd. and ACDC Fund, a fund whose two limited partners are Orascom TMT Investments and Accelero Capital. SUPERNAP International holds the exclusive rights to design and build SUPERNAP data centers outside of the United States based on the renowned Tier IVGold Switch LAS VEGAS multi-tenant/colocation data centers in Nevada. Visit supernapinternational.com for more information.