The Market: The growth of cloud and the Internet of Things is pushing the demand for companies to manage their data

A few weeks from the start of operations, 3.6 megawatts have already been sold. To put that into perspective, 5 of those are available in the first sector. And at this rate, it’s fair to say that by the end of the year the first building which makes up the data center will be full, which, when fully operational, will reach 40 MW. In Siziano, in the province of Pavia, the activity of SUPERNAP Italia has taken off: 42 thousand square meters to host corporate customers’ cabinets and appliances on an area of ​​100 thousand square meters. All for an investment that also bears the signature of the former owner of Wind, Naguib Sawiris. Orascom TMT Investment – of which the Egyptian mogul is chairman – is in fact one of the two ACDC Fund members (along with Accelero Capital) who, in partnership with Switch, have created SUPERNAP International. The latter company holds the exclusive rights to the design and construction outside the U.S. of the data centers already launched in Las Vegas.

“We know,” explains Luca Beltramino, managing director of SUPERNAP Italia, “that the forecasts with these markets are always difficult. But for sure I can say that the data center is a market that is faced with great growth prospects.” To better understand, it helps to browse through the market analysis. The data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially. Connected objects require a large amount of data to handle. “By 2020,” adds Beltramino, “about a third of the data will pass through the cloud. And those who deliver this service need the latest, strategic infrastructure.”

Structures able to preserve, manage and run the gold of digital economy – data, content, secrets ‘2.0’ of people and companies – are starting to focus important investments also in Italy. The SUPERNAP data center in Siziano required an investment of 300 million euro, and for its technologies and positioning it is a Tier IV. From Equinix to Infracom to Telecom, Fastweb, KPNQwest, Data4 and other smaller facilities – from Aruba to Brennercom to Tiscali – just to name a few, the competitors in this business increase in correspondence with an increase in the activity.

For SUPERNAP Italia this investment represents the union of what are described as two opportunities. First, that which is described in a recent Gartner report, highlighting how the future of data centers in the next five years will have a particular development passing from mega data center to smaller data center and located in different areas from the traditional scene of these structures. In this sense, the data center in Siziano is large, but modular and its placement in Italy responds to the dislocation concept. From the other side, our country still has a central position. And in this context, a data center near Milan is an important competitive point for SUPERNAP – who is also a founding member of the Open Hub Med Consortium – to minimize the latency in connections with Central Europe. In Milan, for the rest there is the “Mix”: Milan Internet Exchange, the primary Internet hub.


Andrea Biondi