By Eleonora Lanzetti

In the province of Pavia lies the Supernap Italia bunker. It is the largest center in South Europe. In its 4,000 racks lives the memory of the “Web of Things”

From Nevada to Siziano. Supernap Italia, the largest and most advanced data center in South Europe, which protects company and organization data, from large corporations (such as Wind, It Net and Retelit) to smallmedium enterprises, has chosen the pavese commune for its facility, the twin of that which already exists in Las Vegas. A maxi bunker where everything is safe, starting with the data of tech giants. With its four red and gray walls and ultra-avant-garde air, it catapults visitors to a world of speed, transmissions and memory: 42,000 square meters divided into four data halls, where more than 4,000 racks are housed, it can handle up to 40 megawatts of power and uses a tri-redundant proprietary UPS system.

A total investment of € 300 million to support Italian industries in their struggles with the digital revolution, in the evolution of their business models. As stated by the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia, Franco Bosi, “Our goal is to spread knowledge about the concrete benefits of investments in technologies 4.0 which, among other things, the government has placed at the heart of industrial policy with the National Industry 4.0 Plan. We must promote innovation, digitization and research.” The Supernap data center holds the data produced by a customer such as, for example, at the Nevada facility, the secured transactions registered by eBay, from its inception until today. We’re talking about huge amounts of data, measured in petabytes, for the only online auction partner. In the beating heart of Supernap you find the Hot Aisle where the servers of Microsoft, Fox, PlayStation, Fujifilm, and Warner Bros – to name a few examples of customers in the American facilities – are cooled indirectly in a closed loop, saving energy. The concept of security is everywhere here, in this state-of-the-art internet park. A door does not open if the previous one has not been closed; the areas are aseptic, especially in the data hall, where it is forbidden to enter with a bottle of water because, as Luca Beltramino, Managing Director of Supernap Italia says, “if it spills on circuits it is very dangerous. We have to protect our customers as much as possible.” The roof has also been patented on the American standards: double, independent slabs able to withstand winds up to 322 kilometers per hour.

Every cyber attack in the universe is controlled by a 24×7 monitoring room, connected to Las Vegas. Even everyday objects take advantage of the network. Because data centers play such a crucial role in society 4.0, and will become fundamental in the coming years, you can understand this by going to an appliance store. The fridge will come up with a shopping list according to our tastes, put it into the system, and transfer it directly to the supermarket, which in turn connects with our credit card payment system. “The data center,” says Beltramino, “is a market that has great growth prospects, and to understand it, we can look at market analyses that see data generated by the exponential growth of the Internet of Things, with 20 billion connected devices. Those who provide these services need strategic infrastructures.” In addition to social networks, everything will be connected. Alarms will sound early in case of traffic; medicine bottles will talk to the patient, remembering their therapy; and sneakers will not only say how many miles were crushed at the park, but how many calories burned, pulsations felt, how much water and minerals are needed.